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Dagbani Wikimedians User Group Supports the Dagaare Wikimedia Community in holding their Maiden Physical Workshop in Wa.

March 16, 2023

In a momentous gathering that marked a turning point for the Dagaare Wikimedia Community, the Dagbani Wikimedians User Group, in collaboration with dedicated community members, recently organized the community’s Maiden Physical Meeting in the Upper West Regional Capital of Ghana, Wa. The event served as a platform to introduce participants to the vast world of Wikipedia and ignite their passion for contributing to the Dagaare Wikipedia Incubator. With over 20 enthusiastic attendees, this event proved to be an empowering and enlightening experience for everyone involved.

Setting the Stage

In preparation for the event, the Dagaare Wikimedia Team members held a pre-event meeting to meticulously plan the logistics and ensure a seamless experience for everyone involved. With a shared vision in mind, they eagerly arranged the venue, laying the foundation for what would become a turning point in the Dagaare Wikimedia Community’s journey.

Guiding Participants into the Wikimedia Universe

The Dagaare Wikimedia Team provided expert guidance to participants, enabling them to create their own Wikimedia User Accounts. This initial step opened doors to knowledge sharing and collaborative content creation. The Co-lead for the Community-led participants through the fundamental principles of Wikipedia, including article creation, editing, and adding interlinks, references, and categories.

The 8th Parliament of the 4th Republic of Ghana Contest

The 8th Parliament of the 4th Republic of Ghana contest introduced community members to the exciting opportunity to contribute to the Dagaare Wikipedia Incubator and enrich the Wikimedia ecosystem. The event empowered individuals to take their involvement to new heights by sharing information on participation.

Empowering Participants to Create Articles

The Dagaare Wikimedia Community hosted a hands-on session, extending the two-hour event to five hours. Participants were encouraged to create at least one article before its conclusion, enhancing their writing skills. The team provided valuable guidance, fostering growth and empowerment in participants.

Impact and Milestones

The Maiden Physical Meeting represented a pivotal moment in the Dagaare Wikimedia Community’s journey. It provided a solid foundation for community members to learn, collaborate, and actively contribute to the Dagaare Wikipedia Incubator. Since its inception just five months ago, in January 2022, the community has thrived, now boasting close to 500 articles. The event served as a catalyst, igniting a vibrant spirit of exploration and knowledge-sharing among its members.

A Journey of Discovery and Collaboration

The Maiden Physical Meeting of the Dagaare Wikimedia Community in Wa marked a significant milestone, allowing community members to explore and contribute to the Dagaare Wikipedia Incubator. The event instilled a sense of purpose and excitement, sparking a thirst for knowledge among participants. The event highlighted the importance of physical gatherings in strengthening bonds within the community and the need for ongoing support from the Dagbani Wikimedians User Group and other stakeholders. The community eagerly anticipates future events and hopes for sustained backing to continue their invaluable contributions.

The session provided a reflective opportunity for team members to improve and build upon the event's achievements, ensuring a refined and enriching experience at subsequent events.


This transformative event in the Community was made possible by the dedication and support of numerous individuals. Sadik Shahadu, Executive Director of the Dagbani Wikimedians User Group, and Amir E. Aharoni, global administrator at Wikimedia, contributed invaluable resources and support. Anthionette Kuukye and Mohammed Awal Alhassan, Co-leads, and team members Zakaria Tunsung Bukari, Paula Daara, and Yirkang Joachim also contributed to the success of the event.

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