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Wikimedians User Group is a user group dedicated to promoting Wikimedia projects in Mabia languages. The Mabia languages are a large group of near mutually intelligible dialects spoken across countries in West Africa. The largest of these languages are Mòoré; spoken by more than 5 million people in Burkina Faso, and Dagbani; a lingua franca in the northern half of Ghana spoken by some 3 million people including 2 million indigenous speakers. Among the smaller languages in this family tree is Notre, mainly spoken in Benin. The group is open to membership by all interested individuals.


The overall vision of the user group is to incubate all the 16 Mabia languages spoken in Benin, Burkina Faso and Ghana on Wikipedia, develop structured data for these languages by leveraging the power of Wikidata to increase the visibility of all the languages on Wikimedia, and to provide general support for individuals and organizations interested in contributing to Wikipedia in these languages


To promote awareness of Wikimedia projects related to Mabia languages in Benin, Burkina Faso and Ghana.

To establish the development of Wikimedia projects such as Wikipedia and Wiktionary for all 16 dialects of the Mabia language group via the Wikimedia incubator, and nurture them to become full projects.

To promote editing of Wikimedia projects in these languages by organizing events and activities, and recruiting new editors.

To promote the development of structured data for the 16 Mabia languages, utilizing Wikidata, so that these languages can become more digitally usable and visible on the internet.

To equip editors of projects in Mabia languages with the skill and ability for the continues development of Wikimedia projects.


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The Wikimedia Language Diversity Hub is a proposed Wikimedia hub for affiliates and volunteers who are working on indigenous, minority, marginalized and under-resourced language communities in Wikimedia projects

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Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. is a 501 nonprofit organization headquartered in San Francisco, California, registered as a charitable foundation under US law. It owns the Wikimedia projects – which are written and curated by thousands of Wikipedians and other unpaid volunteers

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Art+Feminism is an international community that strives to close the information gap about gender, feminism, and the arts on the internet.

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Literacy and Development Through partnership (LDP) and Sagani TV Literacy and Development through Partnership (LDP) is a Non Governmental Organization working among the Dagomba people in the northern part of Ghana. LDP exists so that children and adults in Northern Ghana can learn to read and apply their literacy skills to better their lives.

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Our Partner, Sagani TV, is a distinguished television station situated in the northern region of Ghana, specifically in Tamale. Sagani TV serves as a valued broadcasting platform for showcasing our Wikipedia programs.

Global OPen  Initiative

Global Open Initiative is a not-for-profit organization based in Ghana and working internationally to promote data accessibility and open educational resources.

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Global OPen  Initiative

Meet Our Team

Sadik Shahadu

Executive Director

Abdul-Rasheed Yussif

Projects Manager

Khadijah Iddrisu

IT Manager

Alhassan Mohammed Awal

Dagaare Co-lead

Musah Fuseini

Kusaal Co-lead

Hamidu Rukaya


Fuseini Mohammed Kamal-Deen

Gurene Co-lead

Fuseini Abdul-Rafiu

Moore Co-lead

Fuseini Mugisu Suhuyini

Communications,Outreach and Social Media Manager

Alhassan Abdul-Wadudu

Hubs Coordinator

Ruth Abugpoka Ayorigya

Administrative Assistant

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